System Tests in Guatemala

In March of 2019, we took the opportunity to put our BlackBox designs to the test. We went with a high level of confidence for excellent results. While we did not achieve all we had hoped for, the results we did attain are very encouraging.

After years of preparation, a test was ready to be executed utilizing theBlackBox High Volume (BBHV) and our Activated Carbon Pre-filtration system. There is a body of water that runs through the Panchoy Valley near Pastores Guatemala, the Río Guacalate. It is a toxic river that has been tested several times over the past three years showing consistent contamination of over 1600 particulates of pollution, including Coliforms, E Coli, Feces, and microorganisms.

We hoped to:
1. Prove or disprove the filtration capacity (Effectiveness, Endurance) – of the 10” Hollow Fiber Membrane filter used in the BBHV – specifically as it applies to the “worst-case scenario” water filtration. These are the filters made available to us through Village Water Filters.

2. Prove or disprove the filtration/water treatment capacity of the combo pre-filter Activated Carbon Chip / Active Carbon Sponge Membrane made available through Village Water Filters.

3. Verify the functional flow rates of multiple BlackBox HV Filtration systems configured in parallel with 2 / 4 / 6 units.

We arrived at the river on schedule. We chose this location to prove the capacity for cleaning the water source and demonstrate the system’s functionality for using the toxic river as an emergency water supply. In a short time, we discovered just how contaminated the river was. The pollutants in the river blocked the Activated Carbon pre-filters. Due to this occurrence, our plans for the week changed. We were not able to do the longevity and volume testing we had hoped to accomplish at the river.

The subsequent days of that week were in the shop of Cosas Mejores. We achieved the volume testing that we hoped. Spanning multiple filter units does increase the volume. However, to meet the intended maximum volumes, pumps with a higher capacity of size and pressure will be required. This graphic is a summary of the flow tests.

We were able to get a before and after the filter test from the river. The results are very positive and show us that the BBHV / Activated Carbon pre-filter combination will clean up the river. 99.99999%, Log 7 – clean water. Plans are to return to the river with a secondary pre-filtration tool to remove the larger contaminants that blocked the Activated Carbon pre-filters.

We now know that whether operating as individual units or connected in parallel as a single extensive volume unit, theBlackBox Series water filtration system is proven simple and effective to operate.