theBlackBox Ultra Volume Filter (BBUV)

The BBUV is our highest volume unit of theBlackBox series. This unit connects with other systems, increasing the output to the desired volume. Effective and easy to use to eliminate contaminants makes this a practical solution to have for cleaning water on a larger scale in the most demanding circumstances. The BBUV is cost-effective in providing clean and safe water for pennies a day over the life of the unit.

Principal Features

  • Exceeds EPA standards for potable water
  • Processes up to 113 LPM (30 GPM) per system
  • Can be connected in parallel for increased volume
  • Includes automated filter maintenance feature
  • Made for off-grid battery operation
  • Provides a 7-10 Year Life (pending source water turbidity)


Water Purification

This filter system utilizes two 0.1 micron hollow-fiber membrane filters, which remove all bacteria, protozoa, and cysts to 99.99999% (7 Log) and 99.1% (2 Log) of viruses. This point-of-use, clean water solution has a higher “log” rate than the EPA standard (6 Log) for potable water.


The BBUV serves from large scale facilities up to community water systems where higher volumes of water are needed. The system works well to filter most surface water (additional pre-filtration may be required).

Volume, Scalability & Customization

The BBUV operates whenever water is running through its filters. No two projects are alike, and each has its unique intricacies. Using a manifold assembly design, the BBUV can be customized and scaled to meet a variety of volume needs from a large to an entire community. A single BBUV unit will produce up to 112 LPM (30 GPM) – pending pressure and turbidity.


Hollow-fiber membrane filters require regular backflushing to stay in good working order, or they will need replacement. The BBUV automatically backflushes each filter with clean water from one filter in the system and then the other at preset intervals. The self-maintenance system ensures optimal system performance for the extended life of the filter system—clean, safe drinking water 100% of the time.

The LED control panel continuously shows the status of the system, so you always know if a backflush cycle is underway and that the system is functioning normally.


A 12V battery powers the backflush system. It charges with either the solar panel or the 1 Amp wall charger provided. 

The BlackBox Series filter systems do not remove dissolved solids, including chemicals and heavy metals. Using our recommended (but optional) activated carbon inline pre-filter helps significantly to reduce the suspended solids and chemicals, extending the life of the 0.1 filter set.


Field Study Report_Rio Guacalate – Effectiveness

BBUV Data Sheet PDF  – Capacity

BBUV Marketing Sheet