Why theBlackBox Series?

At Better Things LLC, we believe the global water crisis is real. Our goal is to provide a practical and straightforward point of use, clean water solutions for the people that need it. When you read about projections that state that drinking water will influence the course of our world’s society in this century, it makes us ask –  Why? 

And then we see other statistics such as these: We can reduce 10% of global disease with improved water supply, sanitation, and hygiene; 80% of illnesses – linked to insufficient water and sanitation conditions; 1,800 child deaths every day – linked to water, sanitation, and health; it makes us want to step up, take action, and do something to alleviate the suffering from the shortage of clean water solutions.

2 Billion people lack Access to Safe Water


1.6 Million Preventable Deaths per Year


• 80% of all Illnesses are Preventable


• Clean water can break the grip of poverty

In 2017, almost 1.6 million people died from diarrheal diseases globally. More than all deaths from all ‘intentional injuries’ combined in the same year: nearly 800,000 died from suicide, 405,000 from homicide, 130,000 in conflict, and 26,500 from terrorism – in total 1,355,000. Contaminated water affects every aspect of our lives, including education – 443 million school days are lost each year due to water-related diseases. It affects each home with time and money spent on medical assistance as well as looking for or buying water for daily drinking, cooking, sanitation, and hygiene. Many in the majority world often face an impossible choice – certain death without water or possible death due to illness from dirty water. Sadly, it is women across the globe that bare the brunt of this crisis. Estimates are that 783 million people do not have access to clean and safe water worldwide. The potable water shortage is genuinely a global crisis. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We recognize humanity has done an excellent job of contaminating our global water sources. That action has created battles to fight. Even when there may be a nearby well, river, or other natural body of “clean” water, it is not always suitable for human consumption. There is much that we need to do and that we can do to clean contaminants from water for the benefit of the end-user. Clean water is an essential life need. We need a simple, effective, and inexpensive point of use method for cleaning those water sources.

In light of this, Better Things LLC works to meet this need with theBlackBox Series filtration systems to fill the need for a long-lasting, low cost per liter, point of use, clean water solution.